Yogasana Routine for practice at home or Office, has been customized by Aeroyoga Fitness Centre as per your requirements and abilities.  Practice of various Asanas is easy to start with and it has enough challenge to keep you going for ever.  While yogasana routine improves your flexibility of joints and strengthen core muscles, it also improves focusing power and distresses the mind.  If you practice combination of various asanas in a rightly created flow (power yoga), you also improve your cardio vascular fitness and endurance. Benefits of asanas are infinite and following the various rules of yogasana will make you a completely happy and satisfied person.  For a customized Yogasana program for yourself @ 1000/- per program, mail us at <>


Following products will be helpful for practice of asanas at home.  You can also plan for a career in Yoga by getting yourself certified from Ministry of Ayush whose syllabus details are given in the below linked Yoga Professional Guidebook.  For a customized Yogasana routine send  Mail t0 <>