Workout routine for strong arms i.e. biceps, triceps and forearm. Customized routine with diet guidance designed by Aeroyoga Fitness Centre for regular practice with the help of Dumbbells and Barbells.  Muscles growth does not happen on its own.  You have to force it through overloading principles during workout to condition it for growth.  Then the muscles can grow if you further provide it with protein rich diet, rest and other nutrition.  And it takes time as body doesnot respond overnight.  Therefore any customized program will have an elaborate exercise plan on the principle of progressive overload, protein diet plan for the whole day and advise for a lot of rest.  All of these you get @Rs.1000/- per program.  Email for a customized plan at <>.

In addition, you should enrich your knowledge by reading related books on how muscles of arms grow, as shown in the below products. Book on muscle building meals is also recommended for you to read and know what suits best for your body.   If you intend to practice at home then you should buy the Dumbbells and Barbell sets with plates and weights as shown below.  You should also focus on your meals and buy Whey protein powder on regular basis for muscle growth.  

For a good pair of arms to build it is recommended that after a good arms workout you should take break for the next day without lifting any weight.  And you should take a lot of rest also including a good night sleep of 8 hours or more.  Rest is very important as muscles grow only when you are at rest or sleep and all rest of the  body functions are at their lower level.  Then muscle building work is taken up by the body and for doing that it needs protein and water.