Workout Routine for improving Stamina and Cardio vascular fitness is a customized cardio exercise program  for  Home or Office designed by Aeroyoga Fitness Centre as per individual needs.  Cardio workout plan for stamina improvement is the one that requires continuous physical activity for more than 20 minutes. They are also called Cardio exercises or Cardio workouts. For example Running, Swimming, Dancing, Aerobics, Cycling, Treadmill walking, Brisk walking etc. This plan is customized as per your requirements and delivered to you @Rs.1000/- per program.   You can also allow us to choose the best program for you.  Send your email at <>. 

Cardio activities, if performed regularly within 65% of your existing capacity, improve the strength of your Heart over the period of time. Here the points to note are : Not to over exert, perform within limit i.e. you should be able to talk while performing any of the Cardio activities, you have the permission of your Doctor to start a Cardio program and you should be supervised under a certified trainer.

Since Cardio activities require fast breathing to intake lot of Oxygen and expel Carbon-dioxide , please ensure that you dont have cold and cough.  Because in such a condition you will be not able to inhale the extra Oxygen as demanded by the body during Cardio activities.  That may cause you breath-less-ness.  Also if you have heart condition, never practice it all alone.  Have a partner or Trainer with you to monitor your heart rate / pulse rate.  Heart Rate Monitor is available online  which should be used for safety purposes.

While few of the cardio exercises are outdoor activities like running, brisk walk etc, others can be performed indoor in your home or in a fitness centre. You need the following Machines for indoor practice i.e. Treadmill or Cycle or Stepper or all of them,  a pair of good Shoes and a Heart Rate Monitor.   Warm is necessary in all of them.