Flexibility routine or Stretching program for improving flexibility of joints and muscle is a customized stretching program  for  Home or Office designed by Aeroyoga Fitness Centre as per individual needs.  Stretches are selected  from selective exercise programs, mostly asanas, as per your requirements and delivered to you @Rs.1000/- per program.  If you are more comfortable with Yogasana or weight bearing stretches or bouncing stretches then your program is designed accordingly.  Or else, you can also allow us to choose the best program for you.  Send your email at <aeroyoga.com@gmail.com>.  

A joint is a point where two bones come together like elbow joint, knee joint, shoulder joint etc.  Joints are of various types, sizes and perform various functions.  In between joints are found synovial fluids which help the joint move smoothly.  Calcium rich foods keep joints strong.  Drinking a lot of water through out the day is very essential for improving flexibility of joints.  Foods also play a major role in keeping joints strong and flexible.  These guidelines are also provided along with your customized program.  In addition, following products are very helpful in improving your flexibility and joints movement thereby making your joints strong and pliable.