Weight Loss program with the help of selected Asanas as shown in the following video.  Weight loss program requires 3 steps to follow.  1st step is to start a exercise program for burning more calories than the body is used to spend every day.  2nd step is to follow a low calorie diet plan which provide little less calorie than the body requires every day.  3rd step is to start leading an active lifestyle with immediate effect discarding the sedentary style.   However, please consult your Doctor before starting this or any weight loss program.


These asanas and flows could be of great help to lose some body weight safely. Low calorie high nutrition diet is also necessary to follow along with this program. However, please always consult your doctors before starting such yoga program. Practice should be started without pushing too much in the initial days. Pick up the complete program gradually in 10 to 15 days. Thereafter do it regularly. Stop whenever you feel discomfort.

Following products can further aid in your weight loss program and be helpful in creating awareness against obesity and excess body fat.  Treadmill is a good machine for weight loss and healthy body.  Body Fat monitor and Weighing Scale are good tools to monitor your fat level and body weight.