High Blood Pressure relief exercises can help you control the pressure and feel better.  High BP relief program is not a full proof therapy.  Instead it is an awareness program which can be undertaken after consulting your Doctor.  These asanas have been picked up carefully so that no undue stress is exerted on the heart.  Instead, rest of the body parts are involved in the program which indirectly improves the heart’s condition. :

If your doctors permit you to JOIN a yoga class to control your HBP, then these asanas could be helpful to you. However, please do not start this program without consulting your doctors.  By doing these asanas you improve your overall fitness which help control your HBP.  Practice should be started without pushing too much in the initial days. Pick up the complete program gradually in 10 to 15 days. Thereafter do it regularly. Stop whenever you feel discomfort.  Please remember that this program is no way a substitute to medical treatment.

Following products will further  help you to understand and monitor the problem :