Diabetes relief asanas as therapy is not full proof program but there can be some relief if some gentle ab twisting asanas are practiced regularly.  Ab twisting asanas provide exercise to liver and pancreas.  If these two work normally, then chances of diabetes is less.  Regular practice of such gentle asanas as shown in this video along with some more asanas for over all body, will also burn fat and improve metabolism which in effect use more glucose.  Therefore practice of these asanas will help provide some relief from diabetes.  But please consult a Doctor before starting this program or any other exercise program.


Practice should be started without pushing too much in the initial days. Pick up the complete program gradually in 10 to 15 days. Thereafter do it regularly. Stop whenever you feel discomfort.  Any medication as prescribed by Doctors should not be stopped without consulting them.

Following products can be  helpful  to measure and get awareness about diabetes and therefore every one having diabetes should possess these items.