Back pain relief program using some gentle stretches can give you a lot of relief, if practiced properly.  However please dont do it when the pain is persisting.  Generally back pain arises from the lower part of the spine which does not have any support.  Due to sedentary life style and gaining abdominal fats, this lower part of spine further gets stress and pain starts.  If we can manage to develop our core muscles i.e. muscles around our lower back (abdominal muscles, oblique muscles and back muscles) we will get a lot of relief from lower back pain.  In this video, some stretches and asanas have been shown which are very effective in providing relief from lower back pain.  However, please consult a doctor before you start any kind of exercise program :

These gentle asanas and stretches could be of great help for strengthening your lower back muscles. Strong lower back muscles and abs muscles will support your lumbar region of spine and avoid back pain. However, please always consult your doctors before starting such exercise program. You should not practice it if the pain is persisting in lower back and in that case you should see a doctor. Pick up the complete program gradually in 10 to 15 days. Thereafter do it regularly. Stop whenever you feel discomfort.

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