Ayurveda therapies for various pain relief are being used for ages for general health benefits. The proven Ayurveda therapy techniques from India are considered low cost and best for treatment of many ailments. Most of the Ayurveda therapies are in various forms of massages using ayurvedic herbs for health and beauty.  It cures many ailments of body. Ayurved Panchakarma is very famous therapy used world over for pain relief and rejuvenation.  The oils for massage are all prepared naturally from various herbs and leaves of therapeutic plants.  Many ready made oils are also available in market for regular use for general benefits.

Following books on ayurveda and panchakarma therapy and other related ayurveda products can be very helpful to understand various benefits of ayurvedic treatment and ayurved massage therapies.  Since this is a proven therapy, a no. of ayurved doctors practice this form of treatment.