What an amazing fitness program this Power Yoga is.  It is no doubt a Powerful Yogasan Program.  We call it Aero Yoga, as designed by Aero Yoga Fitness Academy, for its aerobic use to develop Stamina, Endurance and Vigour too apart from its regular benefits of Strength, Flexibility and Balance.  All these benefits are obtained while sculpting your body into a Lean, Trim and Slim figure / physique. Aeroyoga has the flexibility of creating a program for specific need.  It can be practiced almost by every body.  Its low-impact sequences are open to all (except in few cases) while its high-impact sequences pose challenge to even great athletes.  Its progression sequences never cease to pose challenge to its practitioners at every stage.  This makes Aeroyoga a really thrill and exciting program to practice and teach.

Course Syllabus : Vol. 1 - Introduction to Yoga & Yogic practices, 8 Limbs of Yoga, Hatha Yoga & Patanjali. Introduction to Human systems (Anatomy & Physiology), Yoga and Health, Yoga for wellness, Yoga & stress management, Movement of key joints of the body, Sukhshma vyayama and Shat karma, Suryanamaskar, Key asanas & their benefits, Spinal movements, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudras, Teaching practice, Demonstration ability.
Vol. 2 - Diet & Nutrition, Various Asanas (Beginners, Intermediate and Advance level), Yoga in a Flow, Sequence creation, Power yoga sequences (Beginners, Intermediate, Advance level), Core strengthening Asanas, Balancing Asanas, Forward & Back Bending Asanas, Teachers’ Training Program (Beginners, Intermediate level), Non-stop Poweryoga Flow for 30 min., Stage show preparation, Benefits, Relaxation, Free-hand Training.
Contact – aeroyoga.com@gmail.com

Study Materials : Colored Manuals, Human Body VCD, Pranayama VDOs, Asanas VDOs, Poweryoga Training VDOs, Poweryoga Flow VDOs, How-to-take-classes VDOs.

Duration : 6 to 8 months. Certificate is awarded after successful completion of Course by the regular students. Students doing this course through correspondence are evaluated through on-line. On-line support is available to correspondence course students through whatsapp, email, sms and phone.

Fees : Rs.20,000/- for regular and Rs.10,000 for Correspondence Course (all inclusive). Fees can be paid online directly or by DD drawn in favour of “Aeroyoga Fitness Centre” or through on-line Fund Transfer. Correspondence course materials are dispatched on the next working day after admission formalities are completed.

Venue for Regular Classes : Bhayander in Mumbai. Classes are held on weekends i.e. on Saturdays and Sundays only in conveniently timed batches.

Correspondence Course : On-line Course/Correspondence Course is conducted through training and practice VDOs, Colored Study materials, Daily session VDOs through whatsapp, Live chat  on Skype or Imo. 

For further details send message to Rabin Dutta on 09224452228, 9004444203 or mail at aeroyoga.com@gmail.com, rabin_dutta@yahoo.com