A Trainer’s mission should be the achievement of mission of a trainee.

Gym is a place of work, a place of art and a place of dream.  A Trainer should have all the three qualities.  With his dedication for work, he should motivate a Gym Trainee to work hard with a dream to build a nice physique. And like an artist he should help the trainee sculpting his body to reach his dream through a perfectly executed person-based work-out program. And to get these qualities the Trainer should go through a rigorous Training modules and get certified.  Body science and Training science are essential to sculpt a body. During every stage of training, we specify the difference between correct and incorrect techniques and how incorrect technique can lead to injuries and loss of time thus delaying the achievement of dream. Correct Technique is very very important factor in weight training program.

Course Syllabus :   Introduction, Body Types, Fitness Testing, Anatomy & Physiology of Human body, Kinesiology,  Weight Training Principles, Resistance vs Cardio training, Importance of Warm-up/Cool-down/Stretches, Definitions of Strength, Endurance, Power, Stamina and Flexibility, Definition of Muscle growth, Free-hand Training, Abs. Training,  Dumbbell Training,  Barbell Training, Machine Training, Swiss-ball Training, Resistance band Training, Steps Training, Ankle weights Training, Circuit Training, Power Training, Sports Training,

Beginners’ Wt. Training Program, Intermediate Wt. Training program, Weight loss program, Weight gain program, Special population program, Correct Techniques, Injury prevention, Diet & Nutrition, Supplements, Gym Management, Personal Training and others. 

Study Materials : Colored Manual, Human Body VCD, Step by step Weight Training VDOs, Other training VDOs [HD VDOs] as per syllabus (Training VDOs are for Correspondence courses only). Medium of Instructions is Hindi or English.

Duration : 6 to 8 months. Certificate is awarded after successful completion of Course by the regular students. Students doing this course through correspondence are evaluated through on-line. On-line support is available to correspondence course students through whatsapp, email, sms and phone.

Fees : Rs.20,000/- for regular and Rs.10,000 for Correspondence Course (all inclusive). Fees can be paid online directly or by DD drawn in favour of “Aeroyoga Fitness Centre”  or through on-line Fund Transfer. Correspondence course materials are dispatched on the next working day after admission formalities are completed.

Venue for Regular Classes : Bhayander in Mumbai. Classes are held on weekends i.e. on Saturdays and Sundays only in conveniently timed batches.

Correspondence Course : On-line Course/Correspondence Course is conducted through training and practice VDOs, Colored Study materials, Daily session VDOs through whatsapp, Live chat  on Skype or Imo. 

For further details send message to Rabin Dutta on 09224452228, 9004444203 or mail at aeroyoga.com@gmail.com, rabin_dutta@yahoo.com