Most suitable for Corporates / Sportsmen / Athletes who love Yoga…

Aeroyoga understands the needs of specific training, your time constraints and your mental and physical demands that you have to meet.

A No. of customized specially designed Yoga programme have been created for such members. These include program that can be executed in office or home or outdoor etc. All of these will be delivered to you through Workshops and Customized VDOs specially created for each of you.

The program envisages improvement of your FLEXIBILITY, STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, STAMINA AND FOCUS.

The Program contents : Yoga, Poweryoga, Pranayama and Meditation.  We carry certain props and teach you how to use them for maximum health benefits.

Program Execution Mode :
1) Through organizing One Day Yoga Workshops for Corporates at their offices
2) Through Customized VDOs for individuals in which step by step learning of each program for individuals is created. You have to practice exactly as explained in the VDO made for you. All steps are easy to perform as they have been created as per your personal details submitted at the time of enrolment.

Yoga workshops for Corporates can be arranged for 8 hours in two sessions. Practical demo of asanas  are performed for recording the particular fitness program. For this purpose enough space for practice of 4 to 5 persons at an elevated surface should be available in workshop area along with public address system.

During workshops all the techniques and benefits are explained for better understanding including dos and donts for joint pains and other illnesses. Workshop contents are decided before hand so that the programme created for the workshop can deliver maximum results for those present without wasting any time in introductions.

Program Fees :
1) Rs.10,000/- per workshop within Mumbai and adjoining areas.

2) If you want a customized program for self, the fees is Rs.2500/- per executive with free 3 months support (on phone, whatsapp or emails) to clear the doubts and queries related to implementation of our program. A questionnaire will be mailed which you are required to fill up and mail back along with your latest photograph and fees (on-line transfer). Thereafter your program will be created and recorded by us and the VDO will be sent to you within 2 days.

For further details send a message to  Rabin Dutta on 09224452228, 9004444203 or mail at,