Certification in Personal Training / Fitness Training improves your self knowledge and speeds up your physique development process.  Body needs many kind of training with correct techniques to respond quickly and avoid monotonous.  With right kind of knowledge in Fitness Training  one can, like an artist, sculpt one’s own dream body through a perfectly executed person-based work-out program.  Body science and Training methodology  are essential to sculpt a body.  Knowing the difference between correct and incorrect techniques and how incorrect technique can lead to injuries and loss of time, can save a lot of time.   Correct Technique is very very important factor in any active training program.

Certification in Fitness Training  Syllabus :     Fitness Training Principles and Theories, Importance of Warm-up/Cool-down/Stretches,  Strength training, Endurance training, Stamina training and Flexibility training,  Free-hand Training, Abs. Training,  Dumbbell Training,  Barbell Training, Power yoga training, Asanas for Flexibility and balance, Swiss-ball Training, Resistance band Training, Steps Training, Ankle weights Training, Circuit Training, Aerobics Training, Step Aerobics, Diet and Nutrition knowledge.


Study Materials : Colored Manual, Human Body VCD, Step by step all the  Training VDOs, Other training VDOs [HD VDOs] as per syllabus (Training VDOs are for On-line courses only). Medium of Instructions is Hindi or English.

Fees : Rs.25,000/- for regular and Rs.13,000 for On-line Training. Fees can be paid online directly or by DD drawn in favour of “Aeroyoga Fitness Centre”  or through on-line Fund Transfer. Online training materials are dispatched / mailed  on the next working day after admission formalities are completed.

Venue for Regular Classes : Bhayander in Mumbai. Classes are held on weekends i.e. on Saturdays and Sundays only in conveniently timed batches.

For further details send message to Rabin Dutta  at – <aeroyoga.com@gmail.com>,<rabin_dutta@yahoo.com>