Certification in Aerobic training includes step by step online learning from home or by attending regular classes at Aero-yoga Fitness Centre.  Certification in Aerobic Training program teaches beginners lever, intermediate level and advance level of aerobic dance. The training involves practicals in Floor Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Jump Aerobics and also various Toning exercises and stretches along with enough theory contents for your better understanding and getting results fast without any injury.  

Aerobic Training has become synonym of Weight Loss.  One joins the Aerobic training class for weight loss and body toning.  Excess body weight and out-of-shape body often requires motivation and care to come out of it.  And a good Aerobic Training Class sets the example by unceasing efforts, vast knowledge and vigorous stamina.

Certification in Aerobic Training  Syllabus : Aerobic Concept, Improving Metabolism, Aerobic and An-aerobic Training, Warm-up & Stretches, Free-hand Exercises, Dumbbell Exercises, Swiss-ball Exercises, Abs Exercises, Resistance band Training, Ankle weights Training, Steps Training, Floor Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Jump Aerobics, Advance Aerobics (Power Aerobics created by Aeroyoga Academy), Creating 1 hr Aerobic dance program, Pulse & Music beat counting, Weight loss program, Body Toning program, Injuries Prevention, Diet & Nutrition.


Study Materials : Illustrated Colored Manual, Human Body VCD, Aerobic Training & Practice VDOs (All sequences), All other training VDOs as per syllabus, Power Aerobics Training & Practice VDOs, 

Fees : Rs.20,000/- for regular and Rs.10,000 for On-line Training. Fees can be paid online directly or by DD drawn in favour of “Aeroyoga Fitness Centre”  or through on-line Fund Transfer. On-line course materials are dispatched / mailed on the next working day after admission formalities are completed.

Venue for Regular Classes : Bhayander in Mumbai. Classes are held on weekends i.e. on Saturdays and Sundays only, in conveniently timed batches.

For further details send message to Rabin Dutta  at - <aeroyoga.com@gmail.com>, <rabin_dutta@yahoo.com>