Asanas for Mind Focus and Neuro muscular benefits

Yogasana is an excellent and perhaps the only widely used exercise program to control our mind.  Though it is extremely difficult to control the flow of thoughts in one’s mind, one can surely use Asanas to focus one’s mind.  Practice of yoga creates balance in our body in reference to outer environment.  When our body  read more »

5 best asanas for core and abs

How many times did you search for best asanas to build strong core and abs. ?  Here are 5 best Asanas which will fulfill your wish for a toned body, strong back, firm chest and a flat abdomen.  Regular practice of them, with holding of one minute per asana, will build strong core muscles (Chest,  read more »

Become Govt Of India Certified Yoga Instructor

Now you can become a Govt. of India Certified Yoga Instructor by applying online on QCI website for Certification examination. With a view to streamline the making of truly qualified Yoga Instructor, Govt. Of India has introduced “Scheme For Voluntary Certification of Yoga Professionals” which is open to every Indian citizen who practice Yoga. The  read more »

How to achieve Paschimottanasana pose

HOW TO ACHIEVE PASCHIMOTTANASANA POSE How to achieve Paschimottanasana pose simplified in this 7 weeks Step-by-step practice of Paschimottanasana.   You will be able to achieve the final pose of Paschimottansana perfectly within 7 weeks or less than that. I have developed an intense warm-up flow known as Half Sun Salutation. In this flow I start  read more »


I am starting my first blogging article with the subject ‘How to achieve Hanumanasana pose’ which is, I am sure, a desire of millions of Yoga lovers across the globe. For stretching purpose it is called forward split. I will share my formula to achieve Hanumanasana pose. You will find a No. of techniques dedicated  read more »

Brand New Aeroyga

05.06.2013 Aeroyoga is now in a brand new format with a lot of attractions in it. Prospective Trainers are now given wide publicity and good placement by through our separate portal. If you have a good physique / figure, passion for fitness, good speaking skill and HSC pass then contact us for brightening your  read more »

Benefits of Regular Exercise

It improves and strengthens the Cardiovascular system of the body (improves oxygen supply to all parts of the body, including the heart, muscles and the brain). It improves muscular tone, muscular strength, muscular flexibility and muscular endurance. It improves posture and thereby appearance of a person looks better. It decreases the risk of chronic diseases  read more »