I am starting my first blogging article with this subject which is, I am sure, a desire of millions of Yoga lovers across the globe. I will share my formula to achieve Hanumanasana pose. You will find a No. of techniques dedicated to achieve Hanumanasana pose easily. I have myself applied few of them without  read more »

Brand New Aeroyga

05.06.2013 Aeroyoga is now in a brand new format with a lot of attractions in it. Prospective Trainers are now given wide publicity and good placement by through our separate portal. If you have a good physique / figure, passion for fitness, good speaking skill and HSC pass then contact us for brightening your  read more »

Benefits of Regular Exercise

It improves and strengthens the Cardiovascular system of the body (improves oxygen supply to all parts of the body, including the heart, muscles and the brain). It improves muscular tone, muscular strength, muscular flexibility and muscular endurance. It improves posture and thereby appearance of a person looks better. It decreases the risk of chronic diseases  read more »