I am starting my first blogging article with the subject ‘How to achieve Hanumanasana pose’ which is, I am sure, a desire of millions of Yoga lovers across the globe. For stretching purpose it is called forward split. I will share my formula to achieve Hanumanasana pose. You will find a No. of techniques dedicated to achieve Hanumanasana pose easily. I have myself applied few of them without much success. I have used some of my common sense techniques also but nothing more than a wrong, extremely painful and forceful pose. (PIC – 1)

Yoga is not about applying force. That’s why it is called as Ahimsa. However one has to reach to the threshold during every practice session. You don’t achieve unless you go beyond your comfort zone, slowly but steadily.
I have developed an intense warm-up flow in which our legs move similar to Hanumanasana pose. I have named this flow as Half Sun Salutation. In this flow I start from Hastapadasana, then follow the rest of flow of our traditional Surya Namaskar and come back to my starting position i.e. Hastapadasana. (PIC – 2).

I hold the pose Ek-pad Prasaranasana little longer both way. Also I ensure that in Ek-pad Prasaranasana I stretch my rear leg to the maximum distance possible to get good stretch of hamstring muscles and gluteus each time. I do this “Half Sun Salutation” 20 counts non-stop in first round then take rest for about two minutes by doing normal marching and repeat second round of “Half Sun Salutation” another 20 counts non-stop. Initially I started with only one round of 20 counts “Half Sun Salutation” for one week and increased to another round of 20 in next week. I get an additional benefits of strengthening my upper body (chest, shoulder, arms and back) by doing this “Half Sun Salutation”.
Immediately after completing 2 rounds of “Half Sun Salutation”, I would practice Hanumanasana 5 times with each leg using some props (PIC – 3). I would try to reach little less than the maximum I can without help and hold there as long as I can. After this I would continue with my regular practice of other Yoga poses.


I followed this regimen for 20 days taking one day rest after every 3 days of continuous practice. Also I would take more protein to allow body to repair and reconstruct new tissues around Hamstring and Gluteus to help my body achieve my goal. Within 3 weeks of regular practice, I was able to do Hanumanasana. (PIC – 4).

Friends, if your are already an active Yoga practioner, then try my above “Half Sun Salutation” practice techniques to achieve Hanumanasana pose. In addition you will develop a strong upper body. Some of you may need more than 3 weeks to achieve this goal. Have patience and continue practice.