Aeroyoga is now in a brand new format with a lot of attractions in it. Prospective Trainers are now given wide publicity and good placement by aeroyoga.com through our separate portal. If you have a good physique / figure, passion for fitness, good speaking skill and HSC pass then contact us for brightening your future.

New-look Aeroyoga has come up with more images, more VDOs, more illustrations and more content in its new format. There is now everything in it you want to embrace Fitness as your lifestyle. Right from Warm-up, progressing through Stretches, Exercise Program of your choice (Weight Training or Freehand Training or Yogasanas or Cardio Training whatever suits you) and Cooling down at the end with some toning exercises, stretches and deep breathing. Aeroyoga is now hopeful that every visitor will find a program of his / her choice among its various pages.

Still if you dont get a program you are looking for or want more customized VDO program for yourself, then mail us with your details and phone no. so that we can immediately get back to you. Your program will be designed and uploaded on aeroyoga blog page at the shortest possible time. If you opt for customized VDO program, the same will be created and the DVDs will be mailed / couriered to you at your given address. What more, the visitors will have options to provide / mail their own existing successful physical exercise program which, if approved by our team, would be uploaded in aeroyoga site with your pics and details for the benefit of our other visitors looking for similar program.

The prospective Trainers can now avail our Colored Manuals, Theory VCD and Practical DVDs making their career base more strong and wide. We have introduced PERSONAL TRAINER COURSE recently in addition to existing courses – GYM TRAINER COURSE, AEROBIC TRAINER COURSE, AEROYOGA (POWERYOGA) COURSE. All these courses are now available through Correspondence also.

Remember, A FIT BODY CARRIES THE DIGNITY WITH IT. So start taking care of it from today itself.

Rabin Dutta