How many times did you search for best asanas to build strong core and abs. ?  Here are 5 best Asanas which will fulfill your wish for a toned body, strong back, firm chest and a flat abdomen.  Regular practice of them, with holding of one minute per asana, will build strong core muscles (Chest, Shoulder, Back and Abdomen).  Watch the video here or below :

  1. Chaturanga Dandasana   
  2. Konasana
  3. Vashishthasana
  4. Padasana
  5. Naukasana

Before you watch the Video, however, please ensure that these asanas are part of a overall “yoga program” consisting of few more other body part asanas and paranayama.  But the focus should be on above 5 asanas, in which the working muscles are core muscles.  Holding period should be one minute each and you can repeat each pose upto 3 times.

Please don’t overdo it from the start.  Increase the duration and repetition slowly over the period of 1 to 2 weeks.  A balanced diet, rich with protein and other vital nutrients, is also essential for building strong and healthy core body.

Once you reach your goal, go out and impress others and motivate them to take up yoga as a life style, just as you did.