Aeroyoga is all about spreading fitness knowledge.  How to be fit, what kind of exercises are best suited to your body type, what not to do while weight training, what are the foods you must have every day to stay healthy, how to loose weight, what are the tips for weight gain, how to do various exercises etc etc….  

If every individual is educated enough to take care of his / her health, through right exercise program and following a disciplined diet, this world would be better place to live.  A healthy body and a healthy mind will understand the necessity of a healthy environment.  The environment we live in is directly proportionate to our health conditions.  So we have all the responsibilities to share our duties towards a clean environment.

I will try to upload different kinds of exercise programs in my Blog page and update this website from time to time with new exercise routines in vdo format for you to share and practice at home or else where.  I welcome your suggestions to improve this site further and I also welcome the like minded fitness freaks to join me in my quest for a healthy planet for our next generations.   I am looking forward for similar, self funding people with whom we can form a Fitness group where we can meet physically, share our knowledge, buildup new knowledge bank, create new exercise program together, practice them together and photo shoot them together.  

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