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Aero-Yoga Fitness Centre under www.aeroyoga.com, is a Govt. Regd. Institute for Fitness Training.

Trains the Trainers to make them expert in personalized exercise program to suit individual needs. If home exercise is all you need then be it so.

A couple going for regular morning brisk walk complained to me that they were not getting the desired result. The problem was the lady was to walk little slower and the gentleman was required to walk little faster. But being together, they used to walk at a same pace which was a bit faster for the lady and vice versa. Even the morning walk had to be personalized.

Keeping that in mind, aeroyoga.com is a humble effort to give you vast choices of fitness program to help you keep fit effectively and put you into the groove of physical fitness
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Aeroyoga VDO’s / Products

Back pain occurrence can be better understood by knowing the anatomy of our back. Human back is supported by the back bone which is a column of about 30 small bones each known as vertebra. This column starts from the base of skull and ends at the base of the hip bone on which we sit.
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We do offer Franchise
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