About us

Aeroyoga Fitness Academy is in the field of imparting quality Fitness training on Yoga, Power yoga, Aerobics, Gym Training and Personal Training to the individuals.

The academy also conducts Group classes through various Workshops and spreads the right knowledge on several health related issues through practical Seminars.

Aeroyoga Fitness Academy has created a Fitness Program called ‘Aeroyoga’ based on stamina building exercises i.e Aerobics and Endurance building poses i.e. Yogasanas.

The ultimate goal of Aeroyoga and its Trainers is to improve your Strength, Stamina, Endurance, Flexibility and Power – mentally and physically at all level.
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Aeroyoga Certifications

Aeroyoga Academy has upgraded its Certification Courses. Yoga Trainer's Exam Syllabus has been included in Aeroyoga Trainer Course. In Aerobic Trainer Course Power Aerobics Training has been included.
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From online courses to group Trainers certifications and from therapeutic uses to weight loss and body toning, you have few very useful products on offer here.
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